No More Movies

Frustration and Disillusionment After Almost a Thousand Films

Advice? Just Say No

There comes a point in your career where advice is no longer useful. It happens sooner than you think.

Ten Reasons for Tech Optimism in 2021

We are approaching an inflection point of technological change and ambition. COVID has forced technological acceleration in key areas, and saved us years of malaise.

Two Paradigms of Personal Computing

There exist two very different classes of personal computing. Some machines are made to extend the self, others are made to merge with the self.

What Does Steve Bannon Think?

Steve Bannon propelled Trump to victory in 2016, then fell from grace. He is a deeply controversial figure, and his importance in modern politics is understated.

No More Shampoo

After a lifetime of using shampoo, it turned out to be totally unnecessary.

No More Coffee

I spent fifteen years drinking coffee at least three times a day until COVID-19 forced me on a four-month break. Life is better, and I won't be having coffee anymore.

Cancel Culture in 1974

Cancel Culture is a hot topic in 2020, but it's not a new phenomenon. People have been getting cancelled for the entire history of mass media.

Superstimulus in 2020

Media of all kinds are flashier, sexier, more stimulating and better at catching our eyeballs than ever before. The gatekeepers are gone, and millions of creators are in Darwinian competition for our attention. Where does this supply of infinite jest take us?