I was born in Vancouver in 1991, and grew up between Tokyo and Sydney. Though I loved reading and learning, I didn’t care much for school, and spent my early years heavily gaming in MMOs, probably being among the first few to really make a living playing video games.

As I hit my late teens, my gaming turned into a career as a professional poker player. During that time, I travelled extensively throughout South America and Europe; I was an early digital nomad. Three years in, the ethics of gambling became troubling to me, so I quit. I then went to college at Princeton, where I picked up a degree in math (much to my own surprise). People kept telling me I’d make a good academic, so I did one final lap of school at Cambridge in economics.

After I finally determined that academia wasn’t for me, I moved to Silicon Valley in late 2015, where I’ve been active as an entrepreneur and investor in early-stage companies.


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